Christmas Gift Wrap

Stylish gift wrapping tips

Some people find that wrapping the gifts is the best part of Christmas, but others find it a daunting task to make sure that gifts look enticing while hiding their contents. Are you lost when it comes to Christmas wrapping? You're in luck – here are some alternate gift wrap ideas, so you won't have to wrestle with Christmas gift wrap or fiddly bows anymore!

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are a great idea for people who don't have the time to wrap presents. Simply line the box with colored tissue paper, put your gift in and tie a ribbon around the box; or simply tape it shut and put a bow on top. It's an instant gift and it takes less than five minutes. The only downside to nesting boxes is that they're pretty easy to peek into!

Gift Bags

A variation on the nesting box idea is a gift bag. These can be found for all sorts of occasions, not just Christmas. Though there is a selection of many different prints and sizes available, the one downside of using a gift bag is that often they're not the right size for the gift that you want to wrap. However, like a nesting box, all you have to do is wrap your gift in pretty tissue paper, pop it in the bag, and tie it closed with a length of curly ribbon or a bow.

Eco-Friendly Drawstring Bags

An environmentally friendly Christmas begins with reusing your bags, bows and ribbons. Cloth drawstring bags are reusable and are better for the environment than paper products. They come in all different sizes and shapes so they can fit any gift you like. They're especially great for Christmas traveling; plus, carrying a drawstring bag with you at Christmas makes you feel a little like jolly old St. Nick!

Pretty Christmas Paper

Traditional gift wrap, however, may be the ticket to making Christmas special. There really is nothing like carefully cutting and wrapping a Christmas gift and tying the personalized tag on just right. Also, you'll find a large selection of beautiful Christmas paper online – there are all sorts of lovely prints and designs to suit any style!

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