Christmas Gift Ideas

Art: The web has the largest selection of popular and fine art available. From movie posters to rare oil paintings and sculptures you can shop around the world for the art piece for that person on your Christmas gift list. Find that perfect gift to brighten people's homes or offices in the Art section.

Auto Accessories: Auto accessories are one gift that people forget, however there are many useful and attractive accessories which can make a special Christmas gift. Interior and exterior car accessories are a great gift for car lovers. Shift stick knobs, audio speakers, mirrors, neon lights, gas pedals, spoilers, hub caps, body detailing using decals and graphics, bug deflectors, ski racks, mud flaps, floor mats, sunroof deflectors, running boards, seat covers and halogen or Zenon light kits are just some of the great new products available online. Check out the Auto Accessory section for more ideas.

Auto Stocking Stuffers: Car air fresheners are always a great stocking stuffer. Driving Accessories include eye glass cases, electric car blankets, insulated travel mugs, mounting brackets for DVD players, radar detectors, hands free cell phone adaptors and docking stations. A nice car blanket, trunk organizer, first aid kit or emergency car kit will tell your loved one that you car-e. Check out the Auto Accessory section for more ideas.

Baby Gear: Why not help out new Parents on your shopping list with some functional baby gear and accessories? From car seats to strollers there's something to make Parent's lives easier and perhaps more entertaining for newborns. Soft toys such as stuffed bears offer comfort for toddlers and hanging patio swings comfort children of all ages. Diaper bags, wooden alphabet blocks, musical touch toys, activity play mats, animal themed comfort blankets, interactive educational toys and complete baby gift packages are excellent gift ideas. Parents can always use crib baby bedding, children's books and educational Leapfrog toys. Check out more ideas in the Baby Gear section.

Body & Bath: Aromatherapy candles, soaps, moisturizers, cleansers, oils and perfumes are always popular gifts. If those on your list can't afford a spa treatment then let them pamper themselves at home with great body and bath products. Manicure kits, shiatsu massagers, fragrance burner sets and manicure and pedicure kits can make someone's "personal time" that much more revitalizing or relaxing. Gift baskets are a great way to mix in a variety of items that you know that person will enjoy. For men, skin moisturizers, electric shavers, and colognes are a few excellent gift ideas. Check out the Body and Bath Section for more ideas.

Luxurious Soap: Many consider good soap a luxury with health benefits. French soaps, aromatic soap, herbal soap, oil soap and more are available and they are highly appreciated if you choose the right type. Some brand name soap like Clinique, Clarins and Estee Lauder sometimes include other fantastic skin care products like facial toners, facial cleansers and make up as a bonus. Check out the Health and Beauty Section for great Christmas ideas.

Books: The world's best authors and books on any conceivable topic are more readily available online than you will find in your local bookstores. Find the latest romance novel or shop for in-depth information in computer books, marketing, investing and finance, child care, children's books and more from the comfort of home. Beat the Christmas rush! Check out the Book Section for more ideas.

Christmas Candles: Candles warm the Christmas spirit and are an easy gift to wrap and deliver. Aromatherapy candles are a hot item you might consider as well. They are a great item to go in Christmas gift baskets or even in the place of a bow on top of Christmas presents. Check out the Home Dcor section for great ideas.

Christmas Cards: Tired of the same blah generic Christmas card, out of a box, that everyone else sends out at Christmas? You have several options. You can make your own handmade cards, create your own personalized cards on a computer or buy boxes of unique cards online. Customizing cards requires time. If your time is at a premium check out the Christmas Card section for a wide selection of unique cards to send to your friends and family.

Clothes & Apparel: An exciting array of men's, women's, teen's, children's and baby's clothing are available online. Since most people are particular, and some may be downright finicky about the clothes they wear, you're likely to find something special and exclusive online. From funky, hip clothing to the latest ski jackets, search the Clothing section for top quality clothing Christmas Gifts.

Collectibles: Looking for collectibles and memorabilia? Some of the rarest and highly sought collectibles are now sold only online; so don't waste your time going to your local curio or collectible store. We have links to many of the best websites offering a vast array of collectibles, from cards and stamps, to porcelain dolls or Christmas ornaments. Have a look at our Collectible section for some great gift ideas or even as potential investments.

Computers & Accessories: Computers and related accessories are plentiful online and they can be very functional gift ideas because nearly everyone is computer and internet connected. Some of the better items you might consider are keyboard wrist pads, ergonomic chairs, lap top computers and cases, portable storage devices, DVD writers, flat screen monitors, color printers, digital cameras, optical mice, cleaning kits, PDA starter kits and photo quality paper are just some of the many computer related accessories that will be much appreciated. Check out the Computers & Accessories section for more ideas.

Corporate Gifts: Corporate Christmas gifts can range from sports tickets to custom engraved desk accessories. Common gift ideas include business card holders, luggage, laptop carrying cases, letter openers, calculators, pens, glasses, mugs, clocks, photo frames, crystal glassware, money clips, key rings, earrings, cufflinks, atomizers, jewelry boxes, coasters, candle holders, personalized writing stationery, and even home accessories. Custom engraving, embossing and printing are available to create that personal touch. Show you appreciate that special employee, at a key emotional time of the year, with a special personalized gift. Check out the Corporate Gift section for more ideas.

Flowers & Plants: Buy your flowers online. Our advertisers offer an excellent variety of beautiful arrangements and bouquets and they usually offer fast, convenient delivery to anywhere in the world. Each retailer has their own specialty and you'll find many flower arrangements, many flower themes and many types of flowers. Many vendors offer extra items to include in your bouquet. Check out our Flowers and Plants section for great ideas.

Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are used for many types of Christmas gifts and they can be a very personalized present. Food, beverages, baby gifts and flowers are most often included in a gift basket. You can mix and match imaginative gifts the way you want if you make you're own. If you're not skilled in arranging, packaging and basket wrapping techniques there are many excellent gift basket makers who sell or use accessories to make a one of kind gift basket at a reasonable cost. Check out our Gift Basket Section for ideas.

Health & Beauty Spa Treatments: Your loved one will relish the opportunity to relax and linger in a spa. From mud baths to massages, to Jacuzzis and hot pools these treatments are a special gift that someone will truly enjoy. A gift you can both enjoy is a spa resort gift certificate; a great romantic retreat for unwinding after the Christmas rush. Check out the Health and Beauty Section for great ideas.

Health & Fitness: Health is a big concern for many people today and we're all looking for advice and information on diets, supplements, diagnosis and optional treatments for health problems. So if you're looking for the latest vitamins and herbal supplements, or need information on getting back into shape and losing weight safely, search our Health and Fitness section and get the info you need fast.

Home Dcor: Big ticket home furnishings include sofas, chairs, dining room sets, sleigh beds, and coffee tables. Other great gift ideas are rugs, framed lithograph pictures, plant stands and afghans. Motorized or electric massage chairs are very popular right now, particularly those that offer shiatsu massage capabilities. Home entertainment units for home theater use and home theater seats round out this year's top Christmas gift ideas. Check out the Home Dcor section for great ideas.

Home Entertainment: Entertainment products and services are highly sought during the Christmas gift giving season. Home theater systems, DVD recorders, MP3 players, digital cameras, video cameras, DVD movies, video games, players and accessories, pool tables, ping pong tables, large screen plasma TV's, LCD TVs, HDTV systems, internet radio services and even blank recordable media. With all of these choices available all you need is a little cash to make your friends and family very happy this Christmas. Check out the Home Entertainment section for more ideas.

Home Theater Systems: The latest home theater systems come with exceptional sound and visual clarity. You can choose from LCD, DLP, Projection and Plasma TV screens, which range in size from 32 inches to more than 80 inches. The prices are falling, however you will have to check around to find one in your price range. Most people shopping for home theater systems only consider the size of the screen, however the light intensity and screen resolution are equally important. Find out about DVD hookup and progressive scan capability too. Check out the Home Entertainment section for more ideas.

Jewelry: Diamond rings and diamond earrings always make it to the top of every woman's wish list. However, there are many other forms of jewelry you might consider offering as a gift. Pendants, necklaces, bands and watches are among the types of jewelry you can choose from. Alternate precious stones are enjoying a renaissance including rubies, opals, jades, topaz, moissanite, emeralds, pearls and sapphires. Check out the Jewelry section for more ideas.

Body Jewelry: Body jewelry is really popular this year and titanium jewelry is exceedingly trendy. Items like belly button rings or navel bars, tongue bars, nose studs, eyebrow bars and labrets are wild and fun. Check out the Jewelry section for more ideas.

Music: The Web has created an explosion in music production and distribution. You can buy digital music, hear great streaming music and buy songs and compilations of virtually any performer. Your local music store may miss out on releases of old and new artists. You can buy all of your favorite pop, country, rock, alternative, dance, ska, reggae and easy listening music performers etc. online. Check out the Music section for more ideas.

MP3 Players: MP3 is a digital music format that is gaining strong use and these small players are making portable CD players obsolete. Costs range from $80 to $300. For teens on your Christmas shopping list this will be a sure hit. Check out the Music section for more ideas.

Outdoor Recreational Gifts: The great outdoors offers plenty of Christmas gift ideas. From sporting to recreational to travel and adventure, you'll find everything you can dream of online. There are stores which specialize in footwear, clothing, sporting equipment, along with camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating gear. Sport watches and GPS devices are hot items right now and so are sunglasses, sandals and insulated socks and jackets. Big ticket items are golf clubs, boats, jet skis, wind surfing boards, snowboards, ski doos, pool vacuums, car racks, equipment carriers, mountain bikes, kayaks and canoes. Check out the Outdoor Gifts section for more ideas.

Pets: Would you like something special this holiday season for your pet? Take a look online for pet supplies including food, vitamins, dog toys and cat toys. There are always hamsters, birds, ferrets and iguanas presents which kids love to open. From fish tanks and exotic tropical fish to cages for lizards, get the best deals online. Check out the Pet Gifts section for more ideas.

Satellite TV Systems & Equipment: There are a number of popular satellite TV systems available across North America this year. Literally hundreds of channels are available through free or pay per view services. With some satellite providers, you may be able eligible to receive a free satellite TV dish, free satellite programming or other satellite TV equipment with certain paid service packages. Each vendor has unique offers involving programming and satellite TVso be sure to compare and know what you're signing up for. Check out the Satellite TV Systems section for more ideas.

Specialty Foods: Delicious gourmet foods are an excellent and well received Christmas gift idea. Food choices include meats such as ham, turkey and beef as well as other items such as cheese, crackers, cookies, dried fish, fresh fruits, desserts, nuts, sweets and seafoods. Packages of imported cheeses can be purchased as a single gift box, so can packages of chocolates and other sweets. Gourmet coffee and "of the month clubs" are exceedingly popular especially with friends and family overseas. Check out the Specialty Foods or Gift Basket sections for more ideas.

Sports: Sports gifts are what teens want to find under the tree. Baseball gloves, hockey sticks, golf clubs, soccer shoes, tennis rackets, pool tables, running shoes, pro sports branded team jerseys, basketballs, hockey skates, footballs, golf balls, snowboards, mountain bikes, golf carts, golf umbrellas and towels, head covers and golf gloves, inline skates, fishing gear such as rods, fly fishing lures and nets. Check out the Sports section for more ideas.

Sports Stocking Stuffer: Stocking stuffers could include fishing lures, ski wax, tennis balls, ski masks or ski hats, gift certificates for sporting stores, hockey pucks and hockey tape, a first aid kit and perhaps, for the armchair sports enthusiast a new remote control. Check out the Sports section for more ideas.

Toys & Games: Buy your toys online. Online toy stores have a greater selection of fun and educational toys than your local toy store. Avoid the Christmas Rush and discover some excellent toys for gifts today. Check out the Toys & Games section for more ideas.

Travel: Travel packages to exotic warm destinations are growing in demand. Now is the time to look into a relaxing and fun holiday in warmer climates. Major airlines and cruise ship lines typically offer all inclusive travel packages to hundreds of Caribbean, Latin American, Florida and North Carolina destinations. Golf resort packages are common as are family vacations to Disneyland. Research your next online travel destination, and reserve airline tickets, hotels, cars, cruises and vacation packages online. It's fast, secure and easy. Check out the Travel section for more ideas.

Travel Vouchers and Certificates: If you can't decide which destination your recipients would prefer, or you can't afford an all-inclusive holiday package, buy travel vouchers and certificates instead. We're all tired and stressed and we need a break from it all. A travel certificate may be the best gift you've ever given to those you care about. Check out the Travel Voucher section for more ideas.

Wines: The world's finest wines from the best cellars are available online and are ready for your enjoyment. Search for new wines online including hearty reds, crisp ice wines and bubbly champagnes. Even if you're not considering buying online, you'll find information on varieties, food matching ideas, countries of origin, flavors and ingredients. You can even make your own wine if you prefer. Check out the Wines section for more ideas.

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