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Clothes are perhaps the most popular gift at Christmas and there's a wide selection online. Outdoor wear including ski jackets, parkas, insulated gloves and boots, long sleeve shirts, hats, toques and socks are always needed by sports enthusiasts. For kids, anything Gap is appreciated and branded sportswear, with pro sports team logos, are a popular gift for boys. You can order online from retailers or from the pro sports team websites themselves. Some online retailers have old stock that could mean substantial saving on branded merchandise.

If you are going to buy clothing for someone special make sure you know their size. If you are buying shoes look inside the person's shoes for the right size, ask to borrow something, like a sweater or a pair of jeans to get their clothing size.

Look at the person's individual style don't buy a flowery dress for someone who dresses in Gothic clothing or a funny shirt for someone without a sense of humor. Don't buy what you'd like to see on them; buy what they would wear. Otherwise, the clothing item will be donated or regifted and you won't have changed them to your style at all.

The trendiest luxury gift to buy any loved one on your Christmas list this year is a Louis Vuitton handbag, Prada shoes or anything Armani. Knock offs are always good too because the Christmas gift will show you have style (but not necessarily the money).

Shopping for the college student on your list could mean a college jersey or even socks and underwear. Socks and underwear gifts are often the "butt" of jokes, however to a College student they are practical gifts that are appreciated during exam time when there isn't time to be in a Laundromat. If you are buying underwear for a college student or anyone make sure you buy the right style, "Granny Panties" are embarrassing, as are Y-fronts.

Check out the latest shirts, shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, belts and other clothing accessories available in the links above. The range of high value, high quality and stylish clothing available online lets you choose a gift that's ideally suited to those on your shopping list.

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