Collectibles come in the form of original art, crafts, memorabilia, sports cards, pins, buttons, music CD compilations, photos and posters, paintings, antiques, picture frames, dolls, toys, novelty game sets, pencil and pen holders, coins, postage stamps, paper currency, clocks, cookie jars, piggy banks, antique radios and furniture, sewing and knitting crafts, rare books and more are readily available online.

People collect all kinds of things and the best way to know what they collect is to ask. People love to talk about their obsessions. If you want your gift to be a complete surprise look around their house, or on their desks, for common items such as elephant collectibles or dinky cars etc.

If you're buying a mass collectible, like Cherished Teddies, ensure you can return it because collectors may already have the one you've chosen or may receive a duplicate gift. If you are buying collectible salt pepper shakers don't forget to fill them. Superstition says its bad luck for them to be empty.

Finding good collectibles as a gift or as an investment is not easy through Web search engines because they are difficult to describe and categorize. Try our links above to find collectibles online.

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