Computers & Accessories

Computer peripherals and laptop accessories are hot items this year. New developments in music storage and wireless technology have spawned a new array of add on components.

Some of the better items you might consider are keyboard wrist pads, ergonomic chairs, lap top computers and cases, portable storage devices, DVD writers, flat screen monitors, color printers, digital cameras, optical mice, cleaning kits, PDA starter kits and photo quality paper are just some of the many computer related accessories that will be much appreciated.

New and refurbished laptop computers are a great gift for college students and for any household where there is insufficient room for desktop computers. Sony, Fujitsu and IBM head the list of brands offering a wide selection of fast laptops and notebooks with improved screen resolutions. 15 FT screens offer a little more screen space and many support high graphics resolution for sharper, easier to read pictures. Longer lasting batteries or rechargeable batteries may be a useful gift for those who travel or are really high tech.

Take a look at USB port connection based products such as external hard drives, memory sticks, wireless optical mouses, wireless modems, laptop carrying cases and all the adapters you can conceive of. Shop around by brand name and check out the best prices at our list of vendors above.

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