Gourmet Foods

Delicious gourmet foods are an excellent and well received Christmas gift idea. Some vendors will even allow you to choose from a wide array of items. Food choices include meats such as ham, turkey and beef, cheese, crackers, cookies, dried fish, fresh fruit, desserts, nuts, sweets and seafood's. Packages of imported cheeses can be purchased as a single gift box as can packages of chocolates and other sweets. Gourmet coffee and "of the month clubs" are exceedingly popular especially with friends and family overseas.

Consider some tasty sauces, spices or delicious preserves for the holiday season. BBQ sauces and marinades may include beer, hot sauce, garlic, anchovies, honey, chili peppers for a unique taste.

Specialty teas and coffees from around the world provide a special treat and specialty chocolates from Switzerland and Germany make a nice Christmas present.

Sometimes, these gifts are given in baskets as a collection of goodies and are wrapped with cellophane and ribbons. You can make your own food baskets or order professionally packaged products online. Along with the food items themselves other items you may include like barbecue tools, golf balls, cheese boards and knives, and for an upscale gift basket machines such as espresso coffee makers. If you make a gift basket at home you can always add gifts of youcoupons for massages, babysitting or even washing the car.

Keep in mind some specialty food vendors have products listed by country if you have a taste for international foods, like French Truffles. Don't forget to include a special greeting card!

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