Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets - filled with wine, cheese, snacks, chocolates and customized candlesthey are always used by the recipients. Themed gift baskets are a great idea. There are golf gift baskets, spa gift baskets, nautical gift baskets and corporate gift baskets to gain points with the boss. Don't forget pets either. You can impress someone you love by buying a cat gift basket or dog gift basket.

Many online gift basket companies will go beyond the call of duty and include personalized gifts of your choice perhaps a particular stuffed animal, picture frame or some sterling silver jewelry.

Gift baskets are great filled with gift certificates. A friend once made a great 12 month gift and called it "Movie for 2 nights - for a year." It included a gift certificate for movie rentals (2 movies a month), gourmet popcorn, a beer of the month gift certificate, chip of the month gift certificate, pizza gift certificates, and a Kleenex box (for those sad movies). Instead of putting it in a gift basket they used a popcorn bowl and hid the gift certificates in the popcorn. As an added bonus you could include a fleece blanket and some flannel pajamas.

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