Handmade Cards

Making your own customized or handmade Christmas Cards is quick and easy. A variety of inexpensive computer software is available which allows you to write your personal Xmas greeting and assemble a collage of pictures to print on the cards or envelopes.

Greeting card software comes with a gallery of Xmas themed pictures you can integrate into your card graphics. These software packages let you set or select a range of card dimensions which means you can be creative in nearly every aspect of your card making. You can even make your own cards using Microsoft Word. Just use this template for whatever size card and cardstock that you've decided on.

Arts and crafts enthusiasts have an opportunity to produce handmade greeting cards. These cards are fun to create and a treat to receive. Handmade cards use handmade special papers, calligraphy writing instruments, special inks and embossing techniques to produce cards with a very impressive and bold look. Christmas ribbons, stickers and stamps add the final touches.

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