Diamond rings and diamond earrings always make it to the top of every woman's wish list. However, there are many other forms of exquisitely designed jewelry you might consider offering as a gift. Pendants, necklaces, bands and watches are among the types of jewelry you can choose from. Alternate precious stones are enjoying a renaissance including rubies, opals, jades, topaz, moissanite, emeralds, pearls and sapphires.

Diamond Solitaire rings set in yellow or white gold and come in a variety of sizes, settings and special features such as engraving. The four elements you should consider when buying diamonds are carats, color, clarity and cut of the diamond. Common prices for diamonds rings today are about one to three thousand dollars and upwards.

Three stone jewelry is popular today whether it's in rings, bracelets or necklaces. They can actually look more stunning and provide a more complex arrangement than regular diamond only jewelry. Three stone jewelry symbolizes past, present and future or they can be birthstones of family members, like Grandmother, Mother and Granddaughter. Take a good look at the various jewelry products offered and you may find one that your loved one may enjoy.

Cubic zirconia products are popular and less pricey jewelry alternatives which have grown in popularity. A cubic zirconia is a man-made diamond. Some zirconia diamonds are set in solid gold rings and bracelets. The range of shapes and colors in zirconia jewelry might astonish you.

Body jewelry is really popular this year and titanium jewelry is exceedingly trendy. Items like belly button rings or navel bars, tongue bars, nose studs, eyebrow bars and labrets are wild and fun.

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