The great outdoors offer plenty of Christmas gift ideas. From sporting gear, recreational paraphernalia , travel stuff and adventure equipment, you'll find everything you can dream of online. There are stores which specialize in footwear, clothing, sporting equipment and stores for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating gear.

Sport watches and GPS devices are hot items right now and so are sunglasses, sandels, insulated socks and jackets. Big ticket items are golf clubs, boats, jet skis, wind surfing boards, snowboards, ski doos, pool vacuums, car racks and equipment carriers, mountain bikes, kayaks and canoes.

Chances are the popularity of golf means at least one person on your Christmas gift list will be a golfer. There are useful training aids that help with golf swing technique. A number of drive swing trainers, are available for both left and right handed swings in male or female options. In order to purchase the right golf gift take note of whether your gift recipient is a left or right handed golfer. Right handed golfers are more common and they swing with their right hand lower on the club handle. Other golf gifts are custom and special designed putters which perform better than the standard putter. Other specialty golf items include the latest oversized drivers which hold promise of longer drives. They may use titanium or other composite metals in the shaft and head of the club.

Golf holidays in the warm and sunny south are sure to brighten anyone's winter doldrums. From gift certificates to all inclusive holidays, try our vendors above for the best selection.

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