The pet supply market is booming and people do appreciate gifts that help them with the care of their pets. Fish tanks with tropical fish, new dog leashes, rare and exotic pets such as birds, ferrets, chinchillas and reptiles are highly sought as Xmas gifts. Bird houses are an annual favorite along with books on pet care.

There are many pet gift baskets or pet Christmas stockings online with dog chew toys, cat treats and pet vitamins etc. Dog tags and cat tags are a great, and sometimes forgotten, gift. You can get them inscribed with a personal message as well as the pertinent details. How about buying Pet Insurance, a gift certificate to a veterinarian or pet food supply place or even a kennel?

Somewhere on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning someone will receive a dog or cat as a gift. Children love this kind of gift. However, with the new pet comes a need for pet supplies such as cages, play toys, flea collars, kitty litter and litter boxes and books on handling and care. One thing to remember is a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

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