Toys and Games

Shop and buy online this year and get the exact toy you want to give your child before they're sold out. Kids have no limit in the toys they'd like to see under the tree, but there are probably a select few that top their wish list.

Hot toys this year are action figures, dolls and dollhouses, inexpensive digital cameras, video game accessories, board games, remote control vehicles and dinky cars, video games, skateboards, remote control planes and interactive electronic learning games.

Video games are extremely popular with youngsters and topping the list is Star Wars, The SIMS, Medal of Honor, X-men Legends, Mortal Combat, NHL Hockey 2005, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Gran Turismo 4, Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter, Terminator 3, Dragonball Z, and Need for Speed Underground. Keep in mind that Video games may not be available for all platforms (PS2, Game cube, Nintendo, Xbox and PC) so ensure you have the right version for the person's video game machine.

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