Travel gifts can range from new luggage to cameras to airfare tickets. The range of possible destinations is endless however at Christmas time, all inclusive vacations to warm weather destinations are the most desirable travel gifts. Golf vacation packages are very popular and typical destinations are Florida, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Be sure to check out the growing variety of vacation packages offered by ocean cruise lines. Many of these ships stop at several international ports giving you a taste of different countries and cultures and you'll probably meet some new friends onboard!

Not to be forgotten are local travel and short break vacation packages at nearby resorts. Winter is a wonderful time to see Christmas lights, go skiing at a ski lodge or just enjoy rest and relaxation away on a spa weekend. There's a resort getaway for everyone.

For traveling gifts and stocking stuffers consider GPS positioning devices, map books, atlases, cell phones or phone cards, weekend resort getaway vacations, travel mugs, camping equipment, digital cameras, binoculars, travel alarm clocks, electronic pill cases, travel journals, travel books, foreign language cds or books like Berlitz, water bottles, mp3 music players, and more. Film or digital camera accessories are always great gifts and everyone can use a sleeping bag. Plus, some people like small sketch pads to take on a European tour.

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